About ITWA:

ITWA (Ireland Telugus Welfare Association) is a non-profit, voluntary organization devoted to promote integration through Arts, Sports and Culture into mainstream of Ireland and also intends to identify and address social, cultural and educational needs of Ireland’s Telugu Community in particular and Telugu people in general.

ITWA Objectives

  • Promote integration through Arts, Sports and Culture
  • Preserve, maintain and carry forward the cultural heritage of the people of Telugu origin in Ireland.
  • Encourage and facilitate to follow the Telugu customs, traditions and values.
  • Foster friendship and understanding among Telugus and promote unity among the community.
  • Organise, encourage the charity events and programmes for the benefit of the people in general and community in particular.
  • Initiate, promote and maintain unity, friendly, co-operative relations with other Telugu organisations in Ireland, Europe and other countries.
  • Raise, solicit, collect and disburse funds, charities and donations for cultural, educational and charitable purposes either directly or in cooperation with other non-profit organisations in the Ireland and other countries.
  • Affiliate and cooperate with and help to manage associations or societies having similar objectives.
  • Negotiate and represents to concerned authorities, institutions, government bodies in the Ireland as well as in India for the general problems of the community within Ireland.
  • To bring harmony in the society and for overall community development and their welfare.
  • ITWA intends to organize several key programs such as IT Boot Camps, Health in your Hand Programs & Spiritual programs for the benefit of Telugu People.

Join as a ITWA Member:

Please join ITWA as a Member and enjoy the unlimited voluntary opportunities to serve. And,

  • You will be a part of the ITWA family which is very determined, to work with an intention of contributing towards preserving our Heritage and serving community.
  • ITWA recognises you as a cultural ambassador of our great Telugu Tradition.
  • ITWA is a Registered organisation and respects people's individual back ground, religion & culture.
  • ITWA is run voluntarily by people of all ages and backgrounds, many of whom have spent time in Voluntary services organisations.
  • ITWA celebrates most of our festivals, occasions and conducts sports and activities for children, women, students and men throughout the year in all parts of Dublin; you will receive a timely intimation by e-mail without fail.
  • ITWA also conducts several programs such as IT Boot Camps, Your Health in Your Hands & Spiritual Programs for the development of Telugu community within Ireland.
  • ITWA provides assistance and guidance (within the Law), if you need, when you are in Ireland with its expert team in those fields.
  • ITWA is an entirely voluntary organisation with no time commitments from your side, so you can be sure all you need to do is give your time for ITWA if and when you can as per your convenience,. But we will do our best to keep you informed of the activities through our FB Page and this site.
  • ITWA holds regular committee meetings which enable members to have a real influence in the way the association is run, the activities carried out and funds raised and spent.
  • The Association's governing document (describing ITWA's aims, objectives and structure) ITWA constitution is available on our website www.itwa.ie
  • Opportunities to meet Telugu people living in and around Dublin.
  • If you have a plan for any voluntary work, ITWA is the perfect platform to launch it to reach needy, please do not hesitate to come forward.

What's next?

* Download the Membership Form, fill it and post it to us with the fee.

* If you need any further details, please email us at info@itwa.ie with your contact details. We will get in touch with you to guide and assist you.

On behalf of ITWA, I request you to join as Life Member, and be part of ITWA Family and support your Organization.

Best wishes,
ITWA Registrations & Membership Team